Ten New Year's Resolutions

Resultado de imagen de ten new year's resolutionsSome people think “new year, new life, new perspective”, you chose if you want to believe it or not. But, I honestly think that most of people believe it, at the beginning of the year you try to change some habits, change your point of view or just try new things. Well, these are my 10 New Year’s resolutions:
Not everything is like a fairy tale, sometimes bad things happen, so one of my resolutions for 2017 is to stay positive every day in each situation.
I tend to stress very easily, and last year I noticed how bad it was; it was hurting my health, so this year I won’t let stress take control of me again.
Since I was a little girl I wanted to perform in front of people, and I still want to do it. So after talking about it with my mom, the answer is yes!
I’ve been living with my grandma and my sister all my life, they educated me. My parents were always working, but now, even they are divorced, I see them more often. So it’s time to get closer.
It’s been a year since I started working out, last year I went to the gym, but just a month and I didn’t like it. So I did a bit of exercise in the morning and some in the afternoon; this year I want to do  a little more!
I’ve never liked chips or sweets, but I really like eating cookies or chocolate while I’m drinking tea. This year I’ll still eat cookies and chocolate but I won’t eat as much as last year. 

Lately I’ve had good marks, a school and at the academy, so I’m going to do my best to keep having those marks!
Sometimes I don’t do what I want because I’m afraid about what the others will think. Well, this year I will do whatever I want without thinking about the other’s  opinions.
I won’t try to handle all the problems by myself. I will sort them out with help and not with stress, but I won’t put them off neiter.
I’m an easy person to influence, but this year I will be faithful to my principles and I won’t let anybody influence me so easily.

And what are your New Year’s reolutions? J    KRISTINE FRANCH

1. Cut down on using the mobile phone. Reduce the hours with my mobile phone and spend more time with my friends and family without electronic gadgets.

2. Work out in a gym on summer. Do sport everyday about two hours with my friends or alone to build up my resistance and tone my body to show it on the beach.

3. Leave my hair long. For many years I want to have it long but every month I get my hair cut again, but I want that my hair grow about 7cm.

4. Don’t put off the things that I don’t like. Everyone leave the things that they don’t like to do it later, but I want to propose me don’t put them of.

5. Give up listening to music with loud volume because it can damage our hearing forever.

6. Take up to study a new language. For the future is important to know languages if you want to travel around the world or have a work.

7. Build up to play the guitar. About 3 years ago I started to go to classic guitar lessons but now I don’t go and I want to practise what I learned.

8. Go without chocolate. This is one of my weak points because I like it so much but sometimes it is harmful for health or simply in big quantities is bad for our body.

9. Sort out my problems without the help of other people. I think that I’m a little bit grown-up to need help in some aspects of my life, not in all of them, because there will be a day that my parents won’t be next to me.

10. Get over more quickly the things that I don’t want to remember to be happier.
Paula Ripoll
  • Resultado de imagen de ten new year's resolutions Cut down on pastries. Eat more fruit and fish to be healthier. 
  • Build up my school marks to improve me.
  • Work out in the tennis club to play better. I play tournaments and I need to be faster.
  • Take up running to get more resistance because I need to be stronger.
  • Sleep more hours to get over tiredness. It’s better to sleep minimum eight hours.
  • Go without fizzy drinks during the week. I love coke so I need to decrease it.
  • Sort my time out to prepare my tests better. I need more time to get better marks in my exams.
  • Give up reading mobile messages while I’m studying.
    Sometimes when I’m doing homework or studying, my mobile phone is near mes so It’s a distraction.
  • Don’t put off doing housework.
    All Sundays, my family and I, do the housework and they need my help.
  • Sort my time out to spend more time with my family. I’m always in my bedroom so I don’t talk to my parents too much.    GISELA ALÉS

                  These are some of my objectives for this New Year:

I ought to strive for become better in my worst class subjects. These are English and Catalan, languages aren’t my best subjects.

I could spend more time with my family because I think that I have them very near me and I don’t take advantage of it.

I would like to live a lot of unforgettable moments with them that we will remember it when we are older. I need to live adventures with the most important people for me apart from my family.

This injury I have is very important for me and if I want to play basketball again I need to cure it perfectly. So I must work a lot in physiotherapy and at home doing all the things that the doctor recommends me. The recuperation is very long, almost eight months.

Now I can’t practice sport but when I will come back to play basketball, one of my objectives is to get better my mistakes and for do this I have to work very hard.


Resultado de imagen de ten new year's resolutionsThis basketball season, all the players have to be as one and with a good attitude because recently we lived a very bad moments for our team but we managed to sort them out and we are improving and fixing our problems. 

This summer must be the better because I will be able to go to the parties of our town in summer and I should enjoy every day with my friends on the beach. 

I’m a very proud person and it’s very hard for me to ask forgiveness and accept things. So, I think I do have to improve this because are one of my mistakes.

I should start enjoying the little moments of my life because I have learned that they seem nothing but with the time you start to valorate this moments and even to miss them.

My last objective is that this year I must do whatever I want without taking into account other people’s opinion, because the last year I didn’t do some things I would like to do because of that and now I think I made it wrong.  PAULA BAENA

*    Give up eating a lot of sweets and things like that, because I eat a lot of them.
*    Take up eating healthy food.
*    Cut down on spend a lot of time with my mobile and talk more with my family about the day.
*    Work out a little bit of sport every day or some days.
*    Take up to think about my future and know a little bit about what I would like to be in the future.
*    Take up the habit of going out more of my home and meet up more my friends.
*    Take up having more responsibility and learn more about cooking.
*     Build up a collection of anything, I don’t mind but I would like to have a collection.
*    Take up the habit to read more.
*    Learn to draw better and make more crafts. MAR ALSINA

 1.   I will work out more because I think it is important to keep in shape and to do some physical activity.

2.   I’ll cut down the fights with my siblings by trying to sort out all our problems in more mature ways.

3.   I will try to spend more time with my friends so we can go out more often and that way we will improve our relationships.

4.   I’ll get over some bad relationships I had in the past that I would like to forget.

5.   I’ll give up some time with my mobile phone and instead of using it I will spend more time with my family.

6.   I will try to build up my grades and I also want to be more open with my partners so we can work better together.

7.   I’ll try to sort out all my problems by talking to my friends and saying what I think.

8.   I would like to build up confidence in myself so I feel better about what I am doing. For me it is very important to have a great self-esteem, so I want to work on that a lot this year.

9.   I’ll take up new things to achieve new goals and find new hobbies.

10.    I will try out hip-hop because I always wanted to do it, even if it is out of my comfort zone. I also want to push myself more with my dancing to grow up as a dancer. HELENA NUALART

This is the list of my 10 New Year's Resolutions:
1.    The first idea I have and I think one of the most important is to continue studying like I do and I wish I will be able to get a scholarship, because I want to have great marks and travel to other countries
2.   I want to graduate from a ballet exam in order to have the tittle of teacher.
3.   When I go to Germany I think I should enjoy the experience to the maximum and don't think of negative things because every time I go far from my parents I feel bad.
4.   Another important thing for me that I must do is not answering my parents in a bad way. Because sometimes when I am angry about things that they aren't imbued with, I pay it with them.
5.   I promise to visit my grandparents more often because my grandmother is ill and she deserves that and more.
6.   I may spend more time with my friends because nowadays I'm always in dance lessons and I am never with them.
7.   I shall go to the Royal Academy of Dance in London to do a dance workshop. (But it is less likely because it is very expensive).
8.   I will try to get up earlier each morning to be able to tidy the room and also help my mum, because I always leave everything in a mess.
9.   I would like to be less opento people, I mean to be less confident because I use to be very open and people have taken advantage of this.
10.               Finally, I could love to be able to build up my physical condition because I think I can do many more things than I think. LORENA VÁZQUEZ

1.   I would like to sort out all my problems and don’t put them off, like I’ve done a lot of times last year.
2. Take care about my body to get over my knee pain and the bruises. I’ll use kneepads and creams and ointments to prevent them.
3. I want to cut down on chocolate. It’s not very healthy, and it will be difficult to give up, but I want to do it. For instance, I’ll drink an orange juice and not a chocolate one every morning.
4. I have to build up my fitness, so maybe I’ll go to the gym or I’ll go running every Sunday.
5. I will take up a new hobby or sport. I’m looking for volleyball, I think I’ll be good at it and it’s a very entertaining sport.
6. Another thing I would like to do is give up watching TV until very late at night. It isn’t good for my eyes and my body has to sleep more hours.
7. I want to go without a dessert sometimes, not sometimes, but I have to do it because I eat a lot and if after lunch or dinner I go with a dessert, I can’t do anything until an hour later because I can’t move.
8. I would like to build up my intelligence slowly, so I’ll do some exercises at home everyday.
9. One thing I have to give up is beating my nails. I think it’s not a healthy habit, and it isn’t pretty. This is a thing I have to give up since a lot of years, and this 2017 I’ll do it.
10.             It’s necessary to cut down on the time I spend with my mobile phone. My parents are always saying it and it’s true. AINA PUJOL

EAT HEALTHIER FOOD: I’ll try to give up eating chocolate and cookies so it’s a bad habit and I’ll stop it.
-BE MORE CONFIDENT: I think I’m too shy when I meet new people so I need to be more self-confident.
-TALK: I have to talk more, explain my problems and sort out them with my friend.
-MY PHONE: I waste too much time with the phone and that’s unhealthy so I’ll cut down on using it.
-SPORT: I’ll work out more my fitness and become an sporty girl, also is the next step to have a healthier life.
-GO OUT: This year I’ll try to go out and improve my friend’s relationships so I feel we need each other’s.
-MY FAMILY: I’ll spend more time with my family because I’m always busy and I’ll be more with them because I love them.
-SCHOOL: I’ll try to sort out my concentration problems since at home I get distracted easily, also I’ll like to improve my grades
-NEW EXPIRENCES: I’ll take up doing new hobbies and discover new cultures because I think it’s interesting and helps yourself to have a different point of view.
-NEW HOBBIES: I’ll try new hobbies such as photography and filming so I think I’ll be more creative in the future. ÈRICA SIMÓN

 The New Year has started so it’s time to make my resolutions. I think that the teenagers need to propose a lot of very important resolutions.
          The most important resolution is to cut down on use of the mobile phone because we use it more than we need and that isn’t a good idea. The second one is for the lazy teenagers, I recommend them to give up the bed earlier and don’t go to sleep so late.
It’s also important to work out in your free time, you can go to the gymnasium, the local park or the beach. But if you take up to work out it’s possible that you need to get over from an injury.

          The next resolution is to take up to build up your culture, because in the future you’ll need to know a little bit about the planet where we live.
          Go without bad people and sort out all of your problems can help your mind to be relaxed, listen to music that you like, too. That’s great to try the best solution when you’re in a problem.
        The last resolution is not to put off any work because you can’t work well and quickly at the same time.  MIQUEL TORNER